Granja Family

Another gorgeous session in Utah with this awesome family. I cannot express how much fun I had doing these!!! Everyone was just having a blast and needed little to no direction with posing. I love all my family sessions to be fun, candid, full of real life emotion, and this session is exactly what I strive for. Those moments that you will look back on years and years from now and it will bring tears to your eyes of you doting on your littles, tickling, hugging, and just simply playing. <3

Willis Family

I confessed a bit on Facebook about this session and the next one I will be posting. I met this beautiful family in Utah when I was there, at the end of April. I came home to life and editing and just being busy with my kid's activities, end of school things and just really no real time to edit these sessions. And I felt horrible about it. When I started editing them initally and then started in June again, I totally changed the feel of them. I wanted deeper, darker and moodier. I try not to edit different typically than my normal but these sessions have just called me to do something out of my normal for some reason. I absolutley adore this family and am so grateful for their patience!! 

Julander Family

Oh I could truly write a crazy long post about this family. I'll try to keep it short since I know everyone is really looking at the photos, not at what I am writing! :) Emily and I have been chatting now online for a few years, and we've always talked about meeting up in person. We talked about that for very long time, before we actually did it. She asked me to come out and take photos of her family, and to mentor her in family photography. She also offered to mentor me in newborn photography. It was truly an amazing trip. Emily's family is generous, kind, funny, and everything in between. I met a few of her sisters and their adorable families as well and felt totally at home in Utah with them. The mountains were also amazing and it was tranquil to just sit and relax, have fun, teach, and learn and do what I love to do best. I really missed my own family but I came back with a rejuvenation for life. Thanks to Emily and Pete for asking me to photograph your family and for letting me hang out with you guys for days!! Their generosity was truly amazing, from rides to and from the airport, to having a coffee gift certificate waiting for me, to Pete cooking amazing meals, to the visit to the hot springs, it could not have been a more perfect vacation. If you ever have a chance to visit Utah, do it. It's truly a beautiful place with beautiful people. 

Fall Mini Sessions!!

Looking for a few updated family photos this fall? I am opening up fall mini sessions for October, these will be a weeknight evening at around 5:30, first come first serve...sessions are limited to 6 people, 20 minutes of shooting with 10 edited digital files with print release for only $150!

How does it work? Go ahead and submit your info on the bottom of this page and I will contact you to figure out the best date that works for both of us! At the time of booking, I will send you a contract and your full session fee will need to be paid right away in order to secure your spot.

*Please note, these are not holiday themed, they are meant to be just a few quick photos around sunset of your adorable family! You can surely use these for your holiday cards, but I won't be bringing any props for this. If you want holiday themed mini's for just your kiddos, watch for that announcement coming next month!

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A Season for Change

One of my first photo shoots ever..................compared to my more recent work. These two are actually siblings and some of my favorite clients to shoot! I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm getting closer little by little!!&nbsp;

One of my first photo shoots ever..................compared to my more recent work. These two are actually siblings and some of my favorite clients to shoot! I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm getting closer little by little!! 

As most of you know, I started as a typical "momographer" back when my now 6 year old son was about a year old. I got my first DSLR camera (the Canon Rebel XS-the cheapest one I could find) and started teaching myself to shoot in manual to be able to capture his lighting fast speed! From there on out, I started taking pictures of friend's littles, and pretty soon friend's of friend's littles and families.Eventually I was spending so much time learning and editing, that a few of my best friends told me that I needed to start charging. So I did. I started really low and gradually raised my rates until I felt confident in my work and charging people what I was worth. Now, fast forward many years later, I have developed a full grown, tax paying, registered business! 

Why the change of business name you may ask? Well, this is the important part of this post I want to portray to people. I am not the same person I was 5 years ago when I picked up my first DSLR camera. Since I started this journey, I have added one more little to my brood, went through a really emotional and tough divorce, started an official business, and found the love of my life. My personality, my editing, my style, my skills have all change tremendously from where I first started. And it's been a tough road. A tough road with lots of tears, joy, struggle, and everything else mixed inbetween. But I'm so very lucky to have everything I have and am so happy for anyone taking time to read this little post of mine. It means the world to me. As far as switching names from Tara Fravel Photography to Ivybella Photography, I have been thinking long and hard for months and months about this transition into the "NEW" business. Ivy comes from my maiden name, Iverson, and bella, well means beauty. So once I stuck the two together, viola! Ivybella was born!! I went back and forth on using my kid's names, or a different version of my name, but in the end, I decided I wanted to rebrand my business and give it a different feel with a name that I just love! 

So now that I've gone on and on and you  are surely bored reading this, I want to let everyone know that I have decided that Ivybella is going to be different than Tara Fravel Photography was. I want to be raw, unscripted, REAL, and genuine with both my posts and my photography. I am ready to finally just be ME and show what I'm all about to the world!! I look forward to what the future holds for myself, my family, and Ivybella. Have a wonderful day!!