Julander Family

Oh I could truly write a crazy long post about this family. I'll try to keep it short since I know everyone is really looking at the photos, not at what I am writing! :) Emily and I have been chatting now online for a few years, and we've always talked about meeting up in person. We talked about that for very long time, before we actually did it. She asked me to come out and take photos of her family, and to mentor her in family photography. She also offered to mentor me in newborn photography. It was truly an amazing trip. Emily's family is generous, kind, funny, and everything in between. I met a few of her sisters and their adorable families as well and felt totally at home in Utah with them. The mountains were also amazing and it was tranquil to just sit and relax, have fun, teach, and learn and do what I love to do best. I really missed my own family but I came back with a rejuvenation for life. Thanks to Emily and Pete for asking me to photograph your family and for letting me hang out with you guys for days!! Their generosity was truly amazing, from rides to and from the airport, to having a coffee gift certificate waiting for me, to Pete cooking amazing meals, to the visit to the hot springs, it could not have been a more perfect vacation. If you ever have a chance to visit Utah, do it. It's truly a beautiful place with beautiful people.