Newborn Prep Guide


Newborn sessions are unique and need a bit more preparation than a regular session. Here is a guide to help you prepare yourself and baby for your session with Ivybella Photography to ensure that we are able to capture the best pictures of your new addition!

Once baby has arrived, please contact me as soon as possible to schedule your session. The best time to schedule your session is when baby is 5-12 days new. Anything older than that will not be considered a newborn session since older babies are a lot more alert and not as curly and able to easily get into those adorable positions.

On the day of your session, it is important to keep baby awake 1-2 hours prior to the session. One way to keep baby awake is to give baby a sponge bath approximately 2 hours before your session time. This will help ensure they are nice and drowsy when they arrive.

If you live 15-30 minutes from my studio, please feed baby until they are nice and full and let them fall into a deep sleep in the car. If you live further, I will have you feed baby when you arrive. Once you are arrive, I will take baby out of the carseat and get started with the session right away.

Please bring a pacifier for baby, even if they don't use one. They can be very helpful when trying to keep baby in that nice deep sleep. Please be prepared with a few extra bottles and extra formula if bottle feeding, or be prepared to breastfeed if need be during the session. 

For parent/sibling/family shots, neutral clothing such as whites/creams/tan work the best. Fitted tops work best and are the most flattering. If dad is comfortable, we will do a few shots of dad and baby without his shirt on. This creates a stunning image. Please stay away from stripes/patterns/logos for this session. Solids work the best and will photograph timelessly.

I ask that dad bring either a solid white shirt or a solid black shirt and mom bring a solid white or black tank top. It is also a good idea to bring extra clothes for mom and dad in case baby has an accident, which happens frequently!

Please put the baby's diaper on loosely before you come to the session to help decrease diaper lines.

Please dress baby in an outfit that I can take off(button down) without going over baby's head. This will help ensure that baby stays in that nice deep sleep.


What to expect during your newborn session

Baby will be photographed nude, wrapped, and/or with rompers/pants that I have at the studio. No need to bring anything special.

Once you arrive, I will take baby out and undress them. We will do sibling shots first, then parent/family shots if requested, and then I will move on to just baby. I suggest, if possible, to have dad take siblings out to a park, home, to run errands, etc, for the remainder of the session. I have a very small studio space and the space gets very hot due to trying to keep the studio at a nice warm temperature to keep baby comfortable and sleepy. Please be aware that sometimes sibling shots with young ones can be very challenging and there are no guarantees with those types of shots.

I have a variety of props that I prefer to use at my studio for your session, but I am willing to photograph one or two special items if you want to bring it. Please let me know in advance of the session if you plan on bringing anything to use that you want included. I ask that the items be timeless and cohesive with my style of photography. 

Since baby's safety is my #1 priority, I may ask one of the parents to assist me with some of the shots if needed.

Very rarely do I need to schedule a re-shoot, but however if baby is having a difficult time during the session, a re-shoot may be rescheduled to my next available session date.

Any questions at anytime, just ask! I look forward to meeting your family and capturing beautiful photos of your newest addition!